Washable and Reusable Ultra Waterproof Underpad 33’x35′ Mattress Protector

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Product Description

This Reusable 4-Ply Quilted Underpad absorbs moisture to keep skin clean and dry. It also protects furniture, bedding and wheelchairs from damage. The waterproof underpad completely absorbs wetness with four layers of protection. Each pad features an oversize top layer made from brushed polyester that stops it from rolling and moving out of place. The bottom layer prevents leakage. Both sides are soft and flexible. The generous size offers a large amount of coverage. The reusable underpads are machine washable for easy cleaning and repeated use. Provide dignity to elderly relatives, children in the midst of toilet training and anyone who benefits from some extra security while sitting or sleeping. This barrier also makes an excellent target area for potty training puppies. Grab at least two and switch them out as needed. Simply roll or fold clean pads to conveniently pack for outings and trips.


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