The Tucker (Bed Sheet Tucker Tool)

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Product Description

Tucking Your Sheets is now easy! Anyone, any age can use this lightweight tool. No more back breaking lifting of mattresses. Drape your sheet/blanket and just slide The Tucker in between the mattress and platform (or boxspring). There is no need to lift the mattress. The smooth surface allows for the sheets to be pushed in neatly. Ergonomically designed to work with either hand. It’s thin but durable design, allows it to be stored under the mattress for easy access. Use with fitted sheets to get that tough 4th corner. Use on beds with footboards to tuck in the bottom part of the sheet without damaging your rings or catching your fingers or knuckles. Use at home, at work or give as a gift to make someone else’s life easier. Need more than one? Buy the Tucker Twins! Note packaging color may differ from image.


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