SleepLikeABear Universal Bedlegs 10′ 2Pc Plastic Screw-In Legs Set of 9, Walnut

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Size:Full-Full XL-Queen  |  Color:Chocolate Brown/Walnut 10′ is our BEST BUY! Raise your bed with our 10′ bed legs if your mattress is too low and you are too tall for it. At the same time, maximize your underbed storage. Better than metal bed frames, our bed leg system is extremely durable, strong and will not wobble. Each leg can withstand up to 2000 lbs of direct weight without breaking. Our bed legs system can easily support and evenly distributes the entire weight of your bed on the floor surface. With proper support, your mattress will last longer and your sleep quality will improve. Our bed legs are ideal to use around toddlers and babies and those who are blind or visually impaired. Their compact size and light weight make them ideal for rooms that are tight or hard to reach like in the attic or upstairs. Installation is simple: use a screw driver to attach the base plate onto your box spring and screw the threaded leg stem into the base plate. To adjust your bed height, simply unscrew the leg stem and replace it with a different size Universal Bedleg bed leg. When deciding on the leg height, measure from the bottom of your box spring to the mattress surface (including any mattress covers, pads, and toppers) and subtract that number from the desired height of the mattress from the floor. Consider the drop length of your bed skirt and your headboard size and style before finalizing your decision. Base Plate: 4 3/8′ x 2 7/8′; Bottom Base: 2 3/4′ dia; Installed Height: 10′


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