Sleep-Snug Sheet Straps, Set of 4

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Package Quantity:1 Hate waking up to a messy bed every morning? With all that tossing and turning or those late-night visits to the bathroom, your sheets (no matter how well-tucked) will inevitably be wrinkled by the time you awake. Here is a quick-fix that will not only fasten your sheets securely all night, but will also cut down on the time you spend making your bed! Sleep Snug Sheet Straps, Set of 4 Put an end to the constant sliding, slipping, and wrinkling of your sheets by using this simple set of 4 sheet straps. Whether you want to use these for perfectly fitting an oversized sheet, or you want to tuck your sheet into a thick mattress without heavy lifting, these straps fulfill all your needs with elegance! A notable advantage of this sheet fastener set is its fits-all size. You can conveniently use it for any kind of mattress or bed, be it king, queen, rollaway, studio, water bed, hospital bed, and so on, without any fuss! The comfortable design provides for slits that are wide enough for easy installation, and yet narrow enough to ensure secure fastening. And since this holds your sheet tight at all times, your bed-making routine becomes a breeze! Place an order immediately and bid goodbye to your sheet woes!


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