Royal Velvet 275-Thread-Count Pima Cotton King Sham, Sail

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Product Description From the iris of the human eye to the earth and its orbit in the solar system, our lives are inextricably intertwined with circles. We track time on round clock faces, travel on the circular wheels of our automobiles and measure our achievements in degrees. Royal Velvet embodies the never ending, encompassing, timeless philosophy of the 360 degrees that make up a circle.The circular world and its circular motion through space create our climate, seasons, and geography. Our human experience is built on our environment. Different environments have distinct characteristics we experience through our senses. A warm, gentle tropic breeze. The sweet smell of artic snow. The salty trace of ocean water.These sensual associations with the climates of our worlds are the inspiration for the Royal Velvet color pallet groups. Colors are based on 4 geographic zones and reflect the nature of those climates: Desert, Ocean, Tropic and Artic. Desert earth-tones are neutral yet have subtle nuances of the Sedona wildlife. The Ocean hues are deep and soothing as the waves of the Atlantic. Bright and Passionate Tropic colors have the punch of a Maui sunset. The light shades of the expansive glacial polar regions are the inspiration for the Artic family.Just as we choose where we live and travel, we choose the colors we live with in out homes. Royal Velvet provides encompassing selection, inspiring color, incomparable quality: coloring your world. Outfit your bed in luxury with this ultra-soft cotton sham from Royal Velvet. It?s made from 275-thread-count Pima cotton, which is woven from unusually long fibers to produce exceptionally strong and durable yarns. The result is a sham that stands up to years of machine washing, becoming softer and more sumptuous with age. The design team at Royal Velvet has produced this sham in a range of classic pastels that evokes the icy beauty of the Polar Regions. The colors are subtle enough to enhance many decors without being overwhelming. In addition, because the colors coordinate with many Royal Velvet collections, you may want to consider ordering sheets and pillowcases in a matching or coordinating color to create a striking, dramatic look for your bedroom.–Susannah Detlef


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