Olanby 100% Mulberry Silk Pillow Shams Cover with Hidden Zipper Pillowcase (Queen, Pink)

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Size:Queen  |  Color:Pink Washing: 1. Wash Silk-woolen detergent powder should be used when washing, After soaking 15-20 minutes in low temperature and then rub gently, remove with clean water, it had better use washed by hand, should not use the washing machine. 2.Dry it can’t twist after washing, natural hang to dry, it also can not be under the blazing sun for quite a long time(because the ultraviolet ray in sunshine is easy to make silk fabric yellowing, fade) 3.Ironing The iron at medium setting(temperature control between 100-180 degrees), the opposite face up when ironing, keep luster, avoid water, avoid water damage. 4. Store The Pillowcase should be clean, dry, it is best to use a cloth in the ark, it is unfavorable to put camphor ball and naphthalene ball. 5.Burnish If you could add a tablespoon of vinegar in the water, after Mulberry silk was washing, fabric color more radiant light. 6. White Put yellow silk pillowcase to white in clean the water that clean out rice, every day in a water, after three days, yellow can be put off, if there is a yellow sweat, can be used to wash with wax gourd juice.


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