Nicamaka Casablanca 4-Point Bed Canopy – Cobalt Blue

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Product Description

Nicamaka’s Colororful ‘Casablanca’ Bed Canopies with overlapping panels are an exotic and sexy way to add to your bedroom’s ambience. Creating an image and fantasy of a night on the North African Coast, the Casablanca Bed Canopy by Nicamaka is perfect for those who want a touch of elegance and mystery in their lives. The billowy, overlapping sheer 100% polyester mosquito netting is a 4-Point bed canopy/mosquito net that can drape gracefully over a king size bed while evoking thoughts of old time Hollywood romance. The Nicamaka Casablanca Bed Canopy offers a luxurious addition to any bedroom. So why not bring a little Hollywood home with you tonight?


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