Mood Indigo ~ Modern Navy Blue White Paisley Print Pillow Sham 27′ x 21′

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Set your bed apart with the freshest of classic style: an inky-indigo pillow emblazoned with a pair of luminous paisleys. Coordinating pillow shams are that little extra luxury that will make your bed the focal point of the room. Not just a place for your head to rest upon, they also complete the look of a bed and add style and comfort. Each pillow cover is sized to fit standard pillows that are 27 inches wide and 21 inches long. The dimensions are 27×21 inches plus a 2 inches flange. Each pillow sham is printed on preshrunk, superior grade, soft cotton and is exquisitely finished with neatly interlocked seams and a generous, immaculately tailored flap closure at the back (inserts not included).Each piece is handcrafted using intricately hand carved wooden blocks and is an original work of art distinguished by the work of the artisan, the particular lot of dye, and even varying weather conditions. Tonal variations are inherent to the block printing process and enhance the individuality, character and uniqueness of each creation.About Mood Indigo:Mood Indigo is a fresh, modern, take on the timeless, classic, much beloved, Paisley. With its luminous moonlit paisley islands adrift on a sea of inky blue indigo, Mood Indigo is a statement print with an air of mystery about it. ‘With their rich inherent exoticism, I have always adored paisleys in all their various shapes and forms. Cherished universally, the paisley motif has deep roots in the tapestry of textile history and continues to enjoy universal appeal to this day. Mood Indigo is our fifth paisley print since we launched Saffron Marigold, and I hope that it is dearly loved by our wonderful customers.’ – Anisha Ghosh, Designer/Owner


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