Midnight Lotus (CP) ~ Asian Blue Floral Boudoir Sham Cover 19×15

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Layer your bed with these floral shams and let the gentle bobbing of the lotus blossoms lull you into a state of bliss, so you wake up refreshed. Fun, flirty and irresistibly feminine, boudoir shams are the perfect bed accessory. Like a stylish scarf or piece of jewellery, a boudoir pillow may be exactly what it takes to give your bed that finished ‘ensemble’ look. Each boudoir sham is sized to fit boudoir pillows that are 17 inches wide and 13 inches long. The outer dimension including a 1 inch flange. Each pillow sham is printed on preshrunk, superior grade, soft cotton and is exquisitely finished with neatly interlocked seams and a generous, immaculately tailored flap closure at the back (inserts not included).Each piece is handcrafted using intricately hand carved wooden blocks and is an original work of art distinguished by the work of the artisan, the particular lot of dye, and even varying weather conditions. Tonal variations are inherent to the block printing process and enhance the individuality, character and uniqueness of each creation.About Midnight lotus: Envision a lotus pond at midnight … replete with ethereal white lotus blossoms, sinuously intertwined, floating gently on deep cobalt blue waters. The lotus enjoys rich material and spiritual symbolism in Indias arts, religions and systems of thought. The lotus, in which the gods discovered their grace and majesty; artists the subtlest expression of beauty; and mystics, dimensions of mysticism and intricate cosmic existence; is the primary flower of India. Since the lotus blooms from the underworld into light, the lotus motif is symbolically associated with transcending of mans spirit over worldly matters.


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