MayDecor 4 Corner Post Bed Canopy Mosquito Net Full Queen King Size Netting Bedding White4-Post Canopy

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Size:Bed Canopy Mosquito Net  |  Color:White 4 Corner Post Bed Canopy Mosquito nets are often used where malaria or other insect-borne diseases are common, especially as a tent-like covering over a bed. For effectiveness, it is important that the netting does not have holes or gaps large enough to allow insects to enter. It is also important to ‘seal’ the net properly because mosquitos are able to ‘squeeze’ through improperly secured nets. Because an insect can bite a person through the net, the net must not rest directly on the skin.Mosquito netting can be hung over beds from the ceiling or a frame, built into tents, or installed in windows and doors. When hung over beds, rectangular nets provide more room for sleeping without the danger of netting contacting skin, at which point mosquitos may bite through untreated netting.This Is Our Four Corner Mosquito Net, Which Is Ideal For Keeping All The Terrible And Annoying Flying Bugs / Mosquitoes / Insects Always. It Also Gives You A Wonderful New Look To The Bedroom. It Can Be Used Outdoors As A Dramatic Way To Protect From Flying Insects Too. Feature Brand New And High Quality Prevent You From Dropping Down The Floor Protect You From Biting By Mosquitoes And Files Protect Eyes From Offending By Dazzling Light Prevent You From Dust Ideal FOR Full To King Size Bed Specifications Color: White Material:50D Polyester Size: 86’x70’x96′(LxWxH) Package Include: 1 x Mosquito Net 4 x Screw 4 x Screw Cap


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