Greenco Super Strong Bed and Furniture Riser, Sleek Design, White – Pack of 4

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Product Description

Color:White Greenco bed and furniture riser is made to lift your bed, desk, table, or any other furniture an additional 5.25. This is great for use either at your office or home. Why do you need it. If your bed is too low and you don’t like that feeling, this item will solve your problem, by raising your bed. b. If you are pregnant or having blood circulation issues, you can insert only two of the bed risers so that your bed will be on angle and your feet will be raised. C. If you are short in storage space underneath your bed, this will make you gain 5.25in height, which can be used for storing taller containers. D. If you are too tall for your short desk, this may be your solution and give you that extra space you need. What is the weight limitation brand name internal bed and furniture riser is made out of heavy duty super strong plastic. Each Lifter can hold up to 300 lbs., which means a total of 1200 lbs. This is definitely enough for your bed or any other kind of heavy furniture.


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