Evelots Adjustable Bed Sheet Grippers, Cover Suspenders, Set Of 4, White

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Product Description

These sheet grippers secure your sheet corners diagonally across any size mattress. All sheet and bedding covers will be tightly held in place without harming any delicate fabric. Features metal grippers that will hold the sheets securely and can be adjusted to a specific length depending on the mattress size for the best tension. Simply attach one end of the gripper to the corner of the sheet. Stretch the gripper under the corner of the mattress and attach it to the opposite side of same sheet corner. Repeat for each corner of the bed. No more bunching sheets! Fully adjustable elastic material and metal clips measuring approximately 7′ not stretched. Comes with a total of 4 sheet grippers. *Evelots is a brand of Green Mountain Imports, LLC and is exclusively distributed by Green Mountain Imports.*


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