DREAMMA Blue Round Dome Bed Canopy with Lovely Little Stars

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Product Description

This is a brand new, blue mosquito net, dressed with lovely little stars. Net can be hung over a bed or used in any room for a decorative touch. Use it outdoors as a dramatic way to protect from flying insects. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Made from 100% Polyester so washes well. Hanging hardware included. This net will fit any size bed including Twins Bed, Single Bed and Children Bed. Also, this net keeps all the terrible mossies and flying bugs out at night OR.. just give you a wonderful new look to your bedroom, a little different look in your room When not in use, simply tie up or place behind your bed head. Brand: Dreamma Color: Blue Dimensions: C. 1200 x H. 250 x D. 60cm


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