DIY Styrofoam No Sewing Avalon Cornice Starter Kit 9 Inch Drop

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Assemble, Decorate, and Hang. That’s all there is to it!Our light weight Polystyrene Styrofoam Cornice Kit is so easy to make; no sewing involved.The sections are simply glued together with a full size low temperature glue gun (Includes Styrofoam, Mounting Brackets, Screws and Anchors, and Magic Tuck Tool. Just tuck the fabric in the groves with the Magic Tuck Tool; no gluing or stapling the fabric on. When it’s time to redecorate, it’s so easy to replace the fabric.The Starter Kit is for openings up to 48 in. wide and includes 5 in. Brackets and End Caps, which means there is 5 in. of clearance between the wall and the back of the cornice. Ask about our 3 in. Brackets and End Caps before ordering.For openings larger than 48 in., order a Starter Kit and the following:Openings 48 to 64 in. Add 1 1-Piece Extension Kit.Openings 65 to 80 in. Add 1 2-Piece Extension Kit.Openings 81 to 96 in. Add 1 2-Piece & 1 1-Piece Extension Kits.Openings 97 to 112 in. Add 2 2-Piece Extension Kits.Openings 113 to 128 in. Add 2 2-Piece & 1 1-Piece Extension Kits. Openings 129 to 144 in. Add 3 2-Piece Extension Kits.Openings 145 to 160 in. Add 3 2-Piece & 1 1-Piece Extension Kits.Openings 161 to 176 in. Add 4 2-Piece Extension Kits.Openings 177 to 192 in. Add 4 2-Piece & 1 1-Piece Extension Kits.Openings 193 to 208 in. Add 5 2-Piece Extension Kits.Openings 209 to 224 in. Add 5 2-Piece & 1 1-Piece Extension Kits.Openings 225 to 240 in. Add 6 2-Piece Extension Kits.To cut the pieces to length, use a hack saw, an electric knife, or a utility knife. Cover the raw edge with aluminum foil, and pat with a hot electric iron.Check out our Bay Window Adapters and Corner Window Adapters, which make it super easy to accommodate those tough to measure angles.There is a restocking fee when returned.


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