Chair Bed Sofa Furniture Tables Risers Heavy Duty 65mm (4 Pack)

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Product Description

A simple, affordable device to raise the height of your favourite chair or bed, improving access, safety and comfort, whilst retaining stability. SAFE-TIE chair, bed and sofa raisers are designed with strength, stability and ease of use in mind, to be a cost effective, aid to independence. Elevate your bed, chair, couch, or table the easy way with this set of lifters. Get 65mm of additional height to assist in the process of getting in and out of chairs and sofas. Use under tables to allow wheelchairs to fit or to simply make a taller work surface. 65mm risers are also ideal for creating more storage space under a bed. Simply put your furniture legs or wheels on top of these sturdy risers and gain an additional 65mm height. Great for kids’ rooms or college dorm rooms. Bed leg or caster fits safely and securely into the recess cup built into the bed riser.


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