Angels Garment Turquoise Sequin Flower Mis Quince Anos Kneeling Pillow

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There are many traditions throughout the Quinceanera celebration and the Ceremony Pillows provide many important functions. At the church ceremony, a special Kneeling Pillow, sometimes personalized with the Quinceanera name, is placed in position for the young girl to kneel on during the ceremony. This kneeling pillow is light blue with a silver frame and silver sparkling floral design pattern embroidered on the bottom half of the cover. The top half of the cover features the words ‘Mis Quince Anos’ embroidered and a flower accent embellishment. A touch of elegance is added with the Pillows for the presentation of the Quinceanera ceremony gifts, such as the Tiara, the Scepter and the Shoes.


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