Amy Butler Dream Poppy Embroidered Euro Sham

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Amy Butler Dream Poppy Embroidered European Sham. Clean, bright pools of gentle blue flowers for peaceful dreams and sunny mornings. The Dream beds combine pop art excitement with a graceful bluehued palette to bring a refined graphic flavor to your bedrooms. ‘I’ve been so excited with the success of the first bedding collection that it’s given me great inspiration for this, the second collection of 100 Organic beds I wanted to weave even more colors into each bed, and create a fresh take on modern bedding style. Like my fabrics, they are designed to layer print on print to make a truly stunning statement. …tons of elegant embroidery and printed with lowimpact dyes (that hold their color) these beds really are as soft and cozy as they appear’. Amy Butler. European Sham 26′ x 26′. Designer Bed Sheets


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